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TM-400 operates on the principle of Hall Effect in semiconductors. A semiconductor carrying current develops an electromotive force, when placed in a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the direction of both electric current and magnetic field. The magnitude of this e.m.f. is proportional to the field intensity if the current is kept constant. This e.m.f. is called the Hall Voltage. This small Hall Voltage is amplified through a high stability amplifier, the output of which is processed through a micron controller and displayed on a graphical LCD display


* Range-1: 0 to ±4 Tesla (0 to ±40 Kilo Gauss)
* Range-2: 0 to ±2 Tesla (0 to ±20 Kilo Gauss)
* Range- 3: 0 to ±200 milli Tesla (0 to ±2 KiloGauss)
* Range-4: 0 to ±20 milli Tesla (0 to ±200Gauss)
* Display: 4 digit dot matrix graphic LCD, with appropriate decimal placement
* Units: Tesla, Gauss
* Functions: DC, AC (Freq. limited by hall probe) Accuracy: ±0.5%; ±1 digit
* Hall Probe: GaAs, up to 500KHz
* Mode: Normal, Differential Hold: Maximum, Minimum
* Refresh Rate: 3 samples per second Operating Temperature : Up to 40 ºC
* Memory Type: Non Volatile, up to 25 samples Computer link: USB
* Software: DACC and CAMM, both Window compatible
* Power: 220 V±10%,50Hz/ 110 V ±10%, 50Hz (optional)

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